Mary Om Rose

Speaker, Poet, Performer
Writer in service of the new paradigm of birth and motherhood


As a passionate speaker, poet, performer and artivist I am dedicated to awakening individuals to a new birthing paradigm that emphasizes empowerment, education, and a return to the roots of motherhood. My journey towards championing this cause stems from my own profound birthing experience outside of the conventional system. This personal encounter ignited in me a fervent belief in early sex, birth and motherhood education, as well as the urgent need for a cultural renaissance that places the mother back at the heart of attention where she rightfully belongs. Just as with anything else in life, our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. It is time to reimagine the collective thoughts, stories, and assumptions we hold around birth and motherhood to yield better outcomes and create a more supportive and nurturing environment for all mothers. In my talks, I infuse the power of poetry and rap to deliver impactful messages through spoken word.



Step into the extraordinary and poignant tale of resilience, healing, and empowerment with Mary Om Rose's captivating online streamed solo show. Join me as I courageously unveil my heroine's journey of transcending deep childhood abuse, navigating transgenerational trauma, breaking free from the mother-daughter curse, and embracing the transformative power of sexual awakening. Embark on a transformative odyssey that spans continents, as I recount my enlightening travels to the far reaches of Siberia and the lush landscapes of Brazil.

It was amidst these diverse lands that I encountered awe-inspiring birthworkers and mothers whose wisdom and experiences unveiled a new paradigm of birthing—an ethos of empowerment, reverence, and self-determination. Through raw authenticity and unyielding honesty, I share how these encounters transformed my perspective on birthing, propelling me towards seizing control of my own birthing journey with unwavering courage and newfound wisdom. Delve into the depths of my emotional landscape as I explore my termination of pregnancy and the intricate mental, emotional, and spiritual preparations that shaped my path into motherhood. Witness the power of reclaiming agency not just over one's birth experience, but over one's entire journey of self-discovery.

Join me for a deep shit high vibes speak truth performance that weaves together personal anecdotes, profound revelations, and the universal themes of liberation and rebirth. I invite you to immerse yourself in a narrative that transcends boundaries, unearths truths, and ignites the flame of empowerment within each of us. Reserve your virtual front-row seat today and embark on a journey of healing, empowerment, and self-discovery unlike any other. After the visionary experience of the show, prepare to immerse yourself in a three-hour-long Q&A, meditation, writing, and profound healing workshop. In this intimate setting, the audience will have the opportunity to address their own issues and current belief systems, guiding them towards a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Gain invaluable insights, tools, and practices to transcend limitations, embrace personal growth, and step boldly into higher paths as future mothers and guardians of their own stories.

Birth Like a Queen


Entertain and educate yourself about the magnificent power of birth and motherhood with our life changing musical


Welcome friends to Orgasmagic your favorite podcast! Be ready for deep shit high vibes on all things turning pain into pleasure, sex into worship, hardships into power, maiden into mother, birth into ecstasy, and dreams into reality! Let’s keep it sexy with comedy, poetry, rap, solo shows, wise words, motivational talks, rituals, and epic people sharing their exceptional gifts. About Host: I am your host Mary Om Rose, in service of your orgasmagic life! Proud freebirthing Mother, Speaker, Poet, Comedian, Author, Founder of Magic the Musical





Magic, or bringing back the sacredness of birth and motherhood into earth!

Did you know that entertainment etymologically means "enter to control the mind"? When I read about that something clicked! Everything we watch and listen to controls the way we think and see the world around us as well as ourselves!

And through entertainment we can also spread the good news, that which is beneficial, that which enables the audience to feel inspired, empowered, free to have their own ideas about what they believe to be true!

My mission is to change the way our minds were controlled about Sex, Birth and Parenting and question the ways we have been programmed. By questioning, new answers emerge and enable us to make decisions that come from a place of power where our wisdom meets knowledge, where our spirit meets our mind. Here is the key to change the way we make love, gestate, birth, and parent ourselves and our children.