About Me

As a passionate speaker, I am dedicated to awakening individuals to a new birthing paradigm that emphasizes empowerment, education, and a return to the roots of motherhood. My journey towards championing this cause stems from my own profound birthing experience outside of the conventional system. This personal encounter ignited in me a fervent belief in early sex, birth and motherhood education, as well as the urgent need for a cultural renaissance that places the mother back at the heart of attention where she rightfully belongs. Just as with anything else in life, our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. It is time to reimagine the collective thoughts, stories, and assumptions we hold around birth and motherhood to yield better outcomes and create a more supportive and nurturing environment for all mothers. In my talks, I infuse the power of poetry and rap to deliver impactful messages through spoken word. This creative approach allows me to engage audiences on a deeper level, captivating hearts and minds as we collectively explore the transformative potential of revising our perspectives on birth and motherhood. Through a harmonious blend of personal narratives, cutting-edge research, and the rhythmic pulse of spoken art, I endeavor to inspire individuals to question existing norms, challenge entrenched beliefs, and co-create a reality where every birthing experience is celebrated, every mother is revered, and every child is welcomed into a world of love and empowerment. Join me on this transformative journey as we collectively pave the way for a new era of birthing—one that celebrates the innate strength and wisdom of mothers, honors the sacredness of the birthing process, and fosters a community where every woman feels supported, heard, and empowered.