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Welcome friends, change makers, dreamers and warriors of the light,

” I spent a total of 18000 hours in school learning about all sorts of things… And only a total of eight hours were dedicated to sex, birth, and parenting! Let’s talk sex, birth, and parenting like we mean it! “

This performance invites you into an incredible birth portal, giving voice to all the people that are involved in the rite of passage!

Our mothers, the spirit babies, the midwives, the doulas, the doctors… everyone has their story, their agenda, their belief systems and all of it influences the way we birth on earth at this time. Let’s bring light to that which has been kept secret for so long, to that which was held within and desperately wants to be expressed!

Let’s free the deep waters of the womb and dive into all the layers that birth awakens in a woman, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically!

Let’s rap it out! Let’s dance it through! Let’s roar it into life together!

Change the way we birth on earth will:

  • Empower women to believe in themselves and their innate ability to birth physiologically, be it at home or at the hospital
  • Shed light onto the different agendas of all people involved in the birthworld, OBs, midwives, mamas!
  • Gives a voice to mothers that haven’t been able to talk about their birth..
  • Offers a quantik and spiritual approach to birth, and the connection between a mama and their baby.
  • Enables the audience to reflect on one of the most important rites of passage we go through as humans both women and men, as all of us are born.
  • Reminds women and mothers of their innate worth and power, and that it shall never be compromised
  • Offer a lot of comic release on a potentially deep and heavy subject
  • Help you dive into the birth world from another perspective!
  • Show birth video footage and tell birth stories
  • Speak every characters truth which will ultimately shape a complete truth

Let’s weave this new web together, through poetry, dance and ritual performance!