Spirit Baby Dream Session – 1.5Hour Session

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Step into the sacred realm of the Spirit Baby Dream Session, an enlightening experience designed to nurture and deepen the connection between future mothers and their spirit babies. This unique offering provides expectant mothers and those on the path to conception with a special opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of their journey into motherhood. During a Spirit Baby Dream Session, you are guided to connect with the soul of your future (already present) baby beyond the physical realm, gaining insights, wisdom, and messages that transcend the visible world. This session serves as a sacred space to establish an invisible yet powerful bond with the spirit of the unborn child offering the opportunity to reconnect with the common dharma shared between mother and spirit baby, aligning their paths and intentions for this lifetime. Through this deep spiritual connection, mothers can gain clarity, guidance, and reassurance about their pregnancy journey, birth process, and the soul contracts that bind them together. Moreover, this session serves as a powerful tool to clear any karmic imprints or blockages that may hinder the soul connection between mother and spirit baby. By addressing and releasing these energetic obstacles, mothers can create a harmonious and supportive environment for the spirit baby to incarnate and thrive in this lifetime. Book a session today to deepen your bond, clear karma, and gain valuable insights that will enrich your pregnancy journey and birth experience.


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